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Intex Management Institute offers Online and Distance Learning Diploma Course in Monitoring and Evaluation

Start Date: 12th July 2024

Course End Date: 12th March 2025

Registration Deadline: 11th July 2024


Monitoring and Evaluation

Course Overview
Now more than ever, development programs are expected to deliver results. For
everyone involved in development, the value of their ideas, advice, and action produced
is increasingly being gauged by whether it improves lives. Moreover, the global
economic crisis has doubled the importance of getting the maximum impact from every
program, as countries are facing painful tradeoffs. Consequently, every program needs
the information to answer two vital questions: “What would constitute success in
addressing this problem?” and “How will we know success when we achieve it”? The
answers to these questions will help everyone understand which programs are working,
which are not, which can be scaled up, and which should be phased out.

It is obvious that achieving results starts with a good design, including a well crafted
implementation strategy. However, ensuring that knowledge learned along the way is
put to use is equally important. This knowledge can be learned both through periodic
detailed analyses of a problem, as well as through the everyday, incremental learning
that comes with implementation. Good monitoring and evaluation systems capture both
forms of knowledge. This Diploma Manual is designed to equip the learners with
relevant know how on how to design and conduct a successful Monitoring and
Evaluation which is paramount to every development project

Course Outline
Module one Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation
a) Introduction
b) Monitoring and Evaluation as an integral component of Project Planning and Implementation
c) Evaluation types and Model
d) Monitoring and Evaluation Methods and Tools
e) Monitoring and Evaluation Planning, Design and Implementation
f) Data Analysis and Report writing
g) Why Monitoring and Evaluation
h) Putting Planning Monitoring and Evaluation together: Results Based Management
i) Designing a Monitoring System
j) Baseline and Damage control Module Two Project Risk and Audit management
a) Introduction to Project Planning and Management
b) Project uncertainty
c) Project Lifecycle and risks involved
d) Motives for formal Risk Management Process
e) An overview of Generic Risk Management Process
f) Risk Management
g) Introduction to Project Audits
h) Project Monitoring
i) Project Evaluation
j) Project Audit: Processes and Report Writing
k) Audit Methodology according to Individual Phases and Areas

Module Three Conducing Monitoring and Evaluation

a) Indicators
b) Project Management techniques in monitoring
c) Understanding the Initiative or The project
d) Stakeholder Analysis
e) Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation
f) Cluster development
g) Community Based Participatory Research
h) Participatory Evaluation
i) Why should have an Evaluation Plan
j) Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning

Module four Making Monitoring and Evaluation work in an organization
a) Making Monitoring And Evaluation work
b) Choosing questions and planning for Evaluation
c) Information Gathering and Synthesis
d) Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Design
e) Selecting appropriate Design
f) Collecting and Analyzing Data
g) Collecting and use of Archival Data
h) Refining Project based on Evaluation Research
i) Using and Evaluation Design to answer key questions about your Project
j) Providing Feedback to Improve the Project
k) Communicating Information
l) Evaluation Report outline

Course Organizers
Intex Management Institute was registered in 1983. We have been offering a wide
range of Human Resource Management training programs both online and open
workshops, building capacity to enhance effective service delivery for both NGOs and
CBOs such as Action Aid, World Health Organization, Amref, USAID, National Aids

Control Council, International Committee of the Red Cross .We have also worked with
large and medium organizations in the public and private sectors, National Hospital
Insurance Fund, Kenya Pipeline Corporation, Nairobi County Government, Kenya
Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization And Kenya Power and Lighting
Company among others.

Training Format:
• All materials are made available through Online or Distance Learning approaches
• Approximately 5-6 hours time commitment of your time per week
• At your own time schedule, no live participation needed
• Weekly feedback from committed instructors
• Participants are expected to submit weekly assignments electronically to earn
certificate of completion

Materials Provided:
Online delivery of curriculum materials, exercises and templates.

After they have read the material for each unit, students are expected to test their own Learning by completing some relevant exercises and tasks.

Course Assignments
In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit Eight assignments and a Research Project paper.

Course Duration       :      32 Weeks (8Months)

Target Region             :       Global
Course                       :       USD 400

Language                   :       English

Contact :       Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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